In the ZM Concept music instrument store you will find a complete selection of flutes:

  • straight flutes,
  • transverse flutes,
  • piccolo flutes,
  • alto flutes,
  • plastic flutes.

We offer a wide range of models developed in plants of the world's most respected brands, including Amadeus by Haynes, Andreas Eastman, Yamaha, John Packer, Nuvo and Mollenhauer. Their price is among the best on the market. The flute belongs to the family of woodwind instruments, which, depending on its construction, can be characterized by an extremely simple construction (simple variants) or even unlimited possibilities of advanced construction (transverse variants). It is an instrument whose history dates back to antiquity, and its popularity has not waned until today. Its small size and characteristic, emotional sound, whose expression can be emphasized by vibration, make the flute very popular in symphonic music as well as in popular or folk music. The transverse flutes, although they belong to the family of woodwind instruments, are nowadays made of metal: nickel silver (an alloy of zinc, copper and nickel), silver, gold and even platinum. The material is crucial for the sound of the flute and has a significant impact on the price of the instrument.

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