For who is Tax Free?

If you are a tourist with a permanent residence outside the European Union (EU), you are entitled to a full refund of VAT if you export products purchased in the ZM Concept store intact outside the EU.

From what amount?

The minimum amount of the total value of purchases, including VAT, on one tax refund form (TAX-FREE form) with one receipt from the cash register, entitling to a VAT refund, is 200 PLN. To make a purchase you need to have your passport with you. For TAX-FREE purchases a commission of 3% is added.

Issue of a document

An employee of the ZM Concept store will issue an appropriate tax return form (TAX-FREE form). Make sure that your name, address and passport number have been correctly entered and that the receipt from the cash register is attached to the form. The date on the issued form must match the date on the receipt. Keep form 3 (TAX-FREE form) with the leaflet until refunded.

On the border

Customs Office - When you leave Poland and the European Union you have to show the purchased goods (intact), the form (TAX-FREE form) with the receipt from the fiscal cash register attached and your passport to be stamped by a Polish or other EU customs officer. Confirmation of export from the EU must take place at the latest on the last day of the third month following the month of purchase.

Tax collection

23% tax collection - you should personally report to the salesroom where the purchase was made together with the Tax-free form and the original receipt, which was attached to the form with the customs stamp on it. On the basis of this documents a full Vat refund is issued. The tax must be collected in the store no later than on the last day of the tenth month following the month of purchase.