ZM Concept is a music instrument store, where you can find a careful collection of wind instruments, which are among the most popular and best known products also among people who are not directly related to music. The saxophones we have on sale are distinguished by their favourable price, extremely solid performance and first-class sound guaranteed by manufacturers such as Rampone&Cazzani, Yamaha, Andreas Eastman and John Packer. The saxophone was invented and patented by Adolph Sax in the first half of the 19th century and has survived in virtually unchanged form until today. Despite its metal body, it is considered a wooden instrument (due to its reed made of wood). It has always been associated primarily with jazz music and has an important function in wind and symphony orchestras. The saxophone has become one of the most popular wind instruments, and its price makes it available even to beginners who are not professionally involved in music.

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